Astro Star Makeup Set

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Explore strange new worlds in the Starship Klee-nterprise! Klee Naturals Mineral Makeup is a natural, non-toxic alternative to mass market makeup: that means NO talc 👊 NO parabens 😎 NO synthetic dyes 🙌 and NO synthetic fragrances! 👯‍♀️👯👯‍♂️

Each Astro Star Makeup Set contains one natural mineral eyeshadow in Cosmic Blast, one natural blush in Starlight Dazzle, one lip shimmer in Pink Lemonade, and one lip shimmer in Raspberry Sugar. Powder brush and applicator included with these fun, subtle colors that aren't overpowering for playtime or anytime!

Suitable for ✨ALL✨genders!

Ages 3 and up.