Capture The Flag


It's the classic game of stealth, speed and strategy that people have enjoyed for over 90 years – now adapted for today's generation using glow-in-the-dark lights! It includes battery powered game pieces for jail markers, territory lights, light-up wristbands and glowing crystals that serve as each team's flag. With a fresh look and the added dynamic of low-light game play, this activity inspires people of all ages to put down their phones and do something active together.

Learning how to play is easy. Your objective is to enter the other team’s territory, steal their Orb (aka “flag”) and get it back to your home side without getting tagged. Tagged players go to “jail” and must remain there until a teammate reaches them without getting tagged. To win, players must work together as a team. They act as scouts, guards and spies. They run, hide and strategize. They send teammates out as decoys, lurk behind trees, sprint with all their might!

Setup for Capture the Flag REDUX includes five simple steps:

  1. Select your playing field and divide it into two parts using the red territory lights.
  2. Pick teams of up to five players each and have each player wear a bracelet of their team’s color: blue or green.
  3. Use the jail markers to form a ten foot square on the ground.
  4. Hide your Orb.
  5. Play!

PLUS: this kit offers more game options than just capture the flag! The lights are designed to be used across twelve different game modes, including "Ghosts in the Graveyard," "Fugitive," "Ninja" and others. The Illustrated playing cards included in each kit make learning the new games easy enough that kids ages 8+ can figure out how to play on their own.

This premium game kit includes all the lights and batteries you'll need for a dozen or more games:

  • 2 Glowing Orbs (aka "flags")
  • 5 Territory Lights (to divide the playing field)
  • 8 Jail Markers (for jail boundaries)
  • 10 LED Glow Bracelets (5 per team)
  • 12 Game Variation Cards (not pictured)
  • 1 Set of Illustrated Instructions
  • All batteries included & replaceable