Bruder MAN Cement Mixer

by Bruder
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The Bruder MAN Cement Mixer measures 20 inches long by 10.5 inches high.

The Man Cement Mixer is the perfect all-round vehicle for construction sites, long-haul deployment and local distribution. Thanks to durable design, featuring powerful engines and providing an over-average payload, this truck is the prototype of the frequently described "all-round vehicle" With plenty of innovations on board.

The two-tone cab features doors that can be opened to provide any world figure with a modern place of work. Turn the truck mixer drum using a hand crank installed on the water tank. The drum features one spiral conveyor and mixer and, just like the original, The drum is emptied by reversing its direction of rotation. The spiral on the inside of the drum delivers the load to the discharge chute at the rear. Includes two plug-in drain chutes.