DIY Purpose Pendant Jewelry

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Customize your jewelry with expressive pendants and charms that symbolize fun personality traits with the STMT D.I.Assembly purpose pendant jewelry! Create trendy and dainty jewelry pieces Using colorful threads and metallic beads for stylish looks to compliment any outfit. Choose charms that signify who you are and make each jewelry piece meaningful. Experience a fun way to motivate yourself or a friend as each jewelry piece tells a story or an encouraging message. Great introduction for jewelry makers.

Kit includes: 25 faceted beads, metal findings, 2 skeins nylon cording, 10 metal charms, 300 bicone beads, 1 skein wax cotton cord, 3 metal chains, 5 skeins knotting cord, 5 skeins friendship thread, 2 skeins metallic thread, punch out gift cards, 1 pair pliers.

Recommended for ages 13 and up.