Doodlematic Mobile Game Maker

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The Doodlematic app turns your child's hand drawings into interactive video games you can actually play on your iPhone or iPad!
  • Includes a unique code that removes all ads from the app and fully unlocks premium features, a bonus $10 value!
  • Children can easily create their own video games by following the fun "Introduction to game design" guide book
  • Learn how to improve your games by following the thoughtful examples outlined in the "Game Design Concepts" book
  • Everything needed to start making games is included: 5 Washable markers, instructions, reference guides and a game sketch book
  • Provides hours of interactive fun
  • Play alone or with parents, siblings and friends

Requires either iOS or Android device, download Doodlematic app from app store.  For iOS devices recommend iPhone 5+ or iPad 3+.