Enchanted Forest Friends Pom Pom Kit

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Get ready to fall in love with this adorable trio of critters kids can make themselves in the Craft-tastic Enchanted Forest Friends Pom Animals kit. Your little crafter will be enchanted by the fairy bear who wanders the forest looking for friends, a lucky bunny spreading cheer and flowers everywhere she goes and an adorable magic deer who will leap into your heart.

Perfect for young crafters, this friendly trio is as easy to make as it is to play with. No sewing, no needles, no pins! Even better, it’s like paint by numbers, but with poms! Simply decorate, stuff, snuggle, and play! Kids can then fill out the enclosed adoption certificates with their animal’s name and list of favorite items to create even tighter bonds of friendship.

This “no sew” kit contains the materials needed to make all three 5 ½” tall forest friends. Inside includes 210 acrylic pom poms, 3 pre-sewn felt shapes, 19 glitter foam stickers, 16 pieces of glitter foam, 1 piece of acetate, 1 (.9 m) yard of elastic cord, 1 ounce (28.3 g) of polyester stuffing, 8 pieces of tape and detailed instructions. So friendly, so easy, so lovable! Are you ready to add your own magic to bring these forest friends into your home and your heart?

Ages 5 and up.