Inside Animals Hardcover Book

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Think you know what a crocodile looks like? Think again!  Inside Animals explores the inner workings of over 20 incredible creatures, from the bony to the brainy, the brawny and bizarre.
Discover how skeletons, organs, nerves and muscles fit together inside your favorite animals with detailed, scientific pictures that reveal more than meets the eye. From the mighty to the mini, prepare to be amazed at what these beasts are made of.
  • Uncover facts about blue whales, whose arteries are so big that a human could swim through them.
  • Find out how many hearts an octopus has and how it uses them to survive on the sea floor.
  • Look more closely at camels to uncover exactly what’s going on inside their humps.
  • Special feature pages break down the basics of skeletons, organs, muscles and more.

This is a book for anyone who wants to look at the animal kingdom in a different way. Each colorful spread is dedicated to a different creature from around the world. Featuring mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, spiders and other invertebrates, turn the page to uncover what happens beneath the surface.

Ages 4 and up.