Bruder Jeep Wrangler with Trailer & CAT Skid Steer

by Bruder
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This Jeep Wrangler does everything!  In addition to the two-part, detachable Segment roof, the bonnet, rear door and all four side doors open.  Alternatively, the rear seat can be removed to create space for accessories compatible with Bruder standard connectors. The additional drag link is intended to facilitate steering through the roof hatch and if it is not required, It can be stored in the vehicle underbody. The axles feature typical off-road vehicle suspension and tread tires with wheels in appealing SUV design. The front interface allows enhancements, such as the optionally available cable winch. Attach the one-axle trailer with ramp to the drawbar coupling and bring it to any deployment location for the CAT Skid Steer Loader.