Magical Fairy Adventure

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By decorating and setting up the enchanted fairy house in this delightful new adventure set, kids set the stage for an epic story they will never forget! The cute little house is really a “magic portal” fairies use to flutter their way into your home and your hearts. In gratitude, the fairies will leave a series of 7 delightful fairy themed activities for kids. As each one is completed, kids receive a new set of items to use to make a gift for another fairy. When they have given a gift to each fairy, kids will be named a Fairy Friend – a special honor given only to the cleverest and kindest humans!
The set also includes a special letter from the queen of the fairies just for grownups. This secret note explains how the magic works and asks for help in making it happen. Lifelong memories for both kids and grownups are here for the making as kids interact with the delightful world of fairies!

• Provides materials for 7 fairy-themed activities that “magically” appear inside the fairy house one at a time – kids will make a series of magical presents to attract new fairies to the enchanted house

• Creates an immersive hands-on experience (without screens or batteries!) as kids “meet” six different fairies and advance at their own pace to complete each activity and be named a Fairy Friend

• Keeping the kit contents a secret keeps the magic alive – but we can say it include everything kids need to meet a wonderful group of fairy friends and grownups need to keep the magic going as they both embark on the adventure of a lifetime!