Moon Mud

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Explore non-Newtonian fluids and states of matter with Discovery Moon Mud! Mix up an ooey-gooey concoction that acts like a liquid and a solid. Like a liquid, Moon Mud is able to flow and take the shape of whatever container it’s in, but like a solid, Moon Mud is hard to the touch due to pressure forcing the cornstarch particles together. Experiment with Moon Mud by pushing, squeezing, pouring and poking to see how it reacts to different pressure and situations. Explore more fun facts and experiments from the included instructions and illustrated fact card!

Kit includes: Cornstarch – 1 Mixing Stick – 1 Mixing Tray – 2 Colored Dyes – Fact Card – Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Setup Time: 2 minutes

Ages 12 and up.