Plasticine Movie Maker Studio

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The original NO-DRY modeling material!

Ready, set, action! Create and film your own animated movies with the Plasticine Movie Maker Studio!

This creative kit comes with a blockbuster collection of props, scenes, tools, and lots of inspiration to show you how to make your own stop-motion animated movies. Download the FREE app, create your characters, set the stage, and get rolling with the Plasticine Movie Maker Studio!

Plasticine creations are perfect for a starring role in your movies. Build, bend, move, and pose your characters — Plasticine NEVER dries out, so you can keep the action going as long as you want to!

The Plasticine Movie Maker Studio comes with Plasticine NO-DRY modeling material and sculpting tool, a fold-out stage, 4 changeable background scenes, 73 movie props, camera stand*, and a detailed idea guide, so you’re ready to bring your ideas to life. All you need is a smart device and your own imagination!

What will YOU animate with Plasticine?

(Camera-enabled smart device required but not included.)

Ages 5 and up.