Sew Squishy Cubes

by Klutz
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Guided sewing with pre-cut pieces!

Designed for beginners, the kit includes everything you need to make 3 squishy felt creations: a unicorn, a phoenix, and an on-trend yeti. Each animal is made with felt pieces pre-cut with holes for extra-simple sewing. Once your projects are stitched and stuffed, customize each cube with stickers and faux fur with felt-friendly double-stick tape. Sprinkled with humor, these cute plushies spark imagination and play!

Includes 24-page book of ideas and inspiration, 62 sticky felt decorations in 6 colors, 9 pre-cut felt pieces in 3 colors, stuffing, fabric tape, embroidery floss in 3 colors, faux fur, and a needle. 

Ages 7 and up.