Triple-Layer Party Cake

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Make every day a celebration with this festive, wooden three-layer party cake! Self-stick tabs let kids put the pieces together, add the decorative toppings that can be mixed and matched, stack the layers, and top it with the wooden candle. Present the creation on the wooden cake plate, and then use the wooden cake server to slice and serve up delicious pretend-play dessert. Guests may choose between chocolate cake and yellow cake layers - or, of course, have some of each. The three-layer, nine-piece cake and eight mix-and-match topping pieces can be used to teach patterning, sorting, and beginning math skills. Slicing and stacking helps kids develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This play set also promotes memory, creative expression, and imaginative play. The beautifully crafted solid wood cake is will nourish young minds through countless festivities.

Ages 3 and up.