Weaving Loom

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Discover the nearly endless possibilities provided by the trendy craft of weaving with the Craft Crush fast & easy weaving loom. This easy-to-use, weaving loom set lets anyone who has never woven before design and create beautiful home decor and clothing featuring intricate and colorful designs. Friends and family will be amazed at your woven creations and beautifully textured modern pillows, scarves, fingerless gloves, wall hangings, baskets, and so much more.

Weaving is much easier than you think, and the Craft Crush fast & easy weaving loom from Ann Williams makes it super simple thanks to the award-winning Loopdeloom design. In fact, weaving is even faster than knitting or crocheting! And just as much fun. The Craft Crush weaving loom set includes a 7 inch wide spinning peg Loom and instructions. With one Craft Crush weaving loom, you can weave items of any length up to 7 inches wide.

Yarn not included.

Ages 13 and up.