Wizards & Werewolves

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The moon is out... Now let the games begin! Introducing Wizards & Werewolves, an epic team-based game that pits two mythical forces against each other in an exciting backyard battle of speed, skill and wits.

Play as a Wizard and embark on a perilous journey to capture glowing magical crystals. Or bare your teeth and howl as you join the Werewolves, guarding the crystals and hunting down Wizards.The game offers three levels of play ranging from easy-to-play for beginners to highly strategic for advanced game play: at one level simply finding the “Moon Crystal” means that the Wizards win while at another, players must use specialized wizard powers to outsmart a full pack of Werewolves.

Here’s how to set up and play:

  1. Select a playing field and mark each of its corners using the four included Field Markers
  2. Choose a game level and select who will be Wizards or Werewolves
  3. Turn on all the game lights and Wizards put on Armlets
  4. Werewolves hide the crystals – then hide themselves and HOWL to start the game
  5. Wizards use their powers to avoid the Werewolves and try to “destroy” the lead Werewolf while Werewolves hunt and “bite” (tag) the Wizards, which turns them into Werewolves
  6. Play until the lead Werewolf is destroyed or all the Wizards have become Werewolves
  7. Try another game level or play again!


With 12 light-up game pieces, 7 specialized player roles and 3 game levels, this fast-paced outdoor game promises to get your group’s pulses racing and imaginations soaring. For 4-10+ players, ages 8+. All batteries replaceable and included.